Supra Security is the premier source for custom security needs, from professional and executive security services to specialized training. Visible Uniformed Security Officers are a proven way of crime prevention. We understand that our professionals represent you, the client and the public.
You can be confident that our security professionals are fully capable and trained to handle any of your security needs, they are also neat in appearance, courteous, and professional.


Supra Security has built its reputation of superior service with a highly motivated and well-trained security officer corps that provides the best possible government security service for the best value. We protect those who protect the world, delivering complex federal, state and local contract security to government offices and agencies, laboratories, military installations and more. Our experience with security guard operations, vulnerability assessments, force protection policies and emergency missions allows us to integrate a customized, comprehensive physical security program with your existing operations. READ MORE

Home / Residential Security

Supra Security officers are professional and well trained in residential security and are perfect for assignments that require high visibility patrol with heavy public contact like residential communities and parking enforcement. Tenants will feel more secure with Supra Security residential security professionals patrolling their communities. We “strive” to assign our long-term professionals to a permanent position on your property, ensuring a higher level of familiarization with your residents needs.



Retail / Warehouse Security

Supra Security main objective is to is to create and maintain a strong sense of safety for both customers of both customers and employees in a retail establishment and to prevent financial damage caused by shoplifting, robbery, or similar dangers. Security officers might be responsible for safeguarding the financial interests of the institution, and therefore, might be instructed to protect cash registers, vaults, or other items in the store, while among other duties could include removing potentially harmful persons from the retail store or area and using video surveillance equipment. READ MORE

Mobile Patrol

Supra Security mobile vehicle patrol is a cost-effective solution where standing officers are not practical or necessary. Mobile patrol checks can be conducted at scheduled or various times. Our mobile patrol units have the capability to visit and thoroughly check a client’s property or business site at any specified time. We can also patrol unattended sites at night, during weekends, and even through the holidays. Each of our clients is provided with a daily patrol report, as well as an incident report in the case it happens.

Fire Watch Services

If your sprinklers or fire alarm systems are out of service while your space is occupied by staff, tenants or customers; then you’ll need to assign a person whose only responsibility is to watch for fires and be ready to contact the Fire Department in the event of an emergency. At Supra Security, we provide affordable and reliable fire watch services for buildings throughout Southern Florida. Our fire watch services are designed to meet Florida’s Fire Code and protect your property and its inhabitants. READ MORE

Concierge Services

Supra Security understands the importance of first impressions. In addition to uniformed security services, our exclusive Concierge services promote a welcoming environment while offering the protection of your most critical assets. We pride ourselves on being very different from standard security providers the difference is in the quality of the people we employ. Our operatives are very carefully selected in order to ensure that they are a cut above the rest in appearance, training and experience. READ MORE

CCTV Solutions

Security technologies are at the core of every company’s strategy to fight theft, safety issues, and other security related complications. Our highly skilled team have a deep understanding of modern hardware and software security technologies. We are available to fully update or replace your current systems and can also troubleshoot problems with your current technologies. From high tech alarm monitoring to access control, we provide a wide range of advanced technologies that will serve your company. READ MORE

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Integrated services

A complete selection of options for Personal and Corporate Protection.

A wide range of services

Supra Security Is the premier source for security services to any kind of client such as celebrities, athletes, bankers, jewelers, private investigators, insurance companies, corporations, government agencies, and more.

  • Transport Services
  • Guard Monitoring
  • CCTV Monitoring Services
  • Private Investigations
  • Undercover Agents & Bodyguards
  • Infidelity
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Loss Preventions
  • GPS Tracking
  • Record Searches
  • Background Checks
  • Computer Surveillance
  • Armed & Unarmed Security Officers
  • Private Detective Services
  • Executive Protection
  • Event Security Services