Supra Security is experienced in handling the most complex investigations and intelligence gathering operations. All assignments are conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality by a licensed private investigator.
Supra Security agents perform a variety of investigative services to obtain just about any information you may think of on any person or business. They are former law enforcement officers, federal agents, who have received formal training in their respective field of expertise and are trained to identify, collect, analyze evidence, conduct interviews and take sworn statements.
We investigate the identity, reputation, conduct, affiliations, associations, movements, and whereabouts of just about any person including employees, business partners, spouses, boy/girlfriends, relatives, debtors, witnesses and more. We also specialize in background checks, computer forensics, information gathering and investigative research. We combine equipment with experienced and trained private investigators, to become the preeminent choice for investigation services. Call Supra Security today for a complimentary consultation assessment.

Full Service Private Investigation Agency

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Our specialties

  • Private investigation
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Loss Prevention Services

At Supra Security, we offer our clients the option of remote surveillance services. This option is less expensive than the price of guard services, therefore becoming increasing popular.

Remote Video Monitoring Services are not only cost effective, but tremendously more reliable then guard services. Our data center can monitor your property, outside inventory, and vulnerable assets remotely; combining the effectiveness of a live person with the savings driven by innovative technology.

Remote Video Monitoring Service can save your company ten’s of thousands of dollars annually. Our services applications are ideal for facilities like car dealerships, construction sites, material supply yards, new construction, building renovations, and natural resource facilities (water reservoirs) as well as a variety of other industries.

Supra Security assists corporations, non-profit organizations and law firms in identifying, responding, and mitigating risk through a comprehensive and integrated professional service offerings. We’re known for solving complex business problems, reducing risk and improving employee morale for clients.

This unique catalogue of investigative and risk-mitigation consulting services enables our firm to offer employers of all sizes an all-inclusive single-source service provider. Our investigators specialize in performing comprehensive research involving asset searches, locating witness, and real-time criminal and civil record retrieval services for law firms and corporate legal departments.

Supra Security is also known for conducting undercover workplace investigations, with an emphasis on identifying various forms of misconduct, followed by investigative interviews. Our investigators are thoroughly versed and vetted in all types of workplace investigations from white-collar crimes and other forms of crimes against businesses.

Are you suffering losses? Is your company unable to allocate resources to fight individual problem stores? Then consider Supra Security your premier private investigative agency in Florida dedicated to helping your retail partners to minimize your losses by using our Total Response Unit.

TRU is our Total Response Unit, consisting of specially trained loss-prevention investigators that come into your store and identify your “on the surface” losses, and ensure that any issues are neutralized diligently and economically.

Some of the tactics used are plain-clothes detectives to handle high-loss stores; undercover operatives to combat internal groups; and interview and interrogation techniques to identify unscrupulous employees, outside groups, and organized retail theft.

All Supra Security personnel are seasoned licensed private investigators that are trained on the most efficient Interview and Interrogation methods and techniques.

Experienced detectives

We handle investigation discreetly and professionally

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Using state-of-the-art equipment to investigate all cases

Monitoring Services

Keep your assets and locations secure and protected

Insurance Surveillance

Do you suspect of internal theft, embezzlement, vandalism, or fraud? Are you experiencing losses? Do you suspect you have an internal problem? Could it possibly be your employees? Do you suspect they are doing illegal activity or sleeping at work? Is there a personal relationship transpiring at work that could lead to a costly lawsuit?
Supra Security has a solution to your problem. We have successfully installed legal surveillance equipment at work-site locations to develop usable evidence and irrefutable proof of employee misconduct. We recommend that you consult with your corporate consul and/or your human resources administrator about corporate policies to effectively deal with problematic employees.
Why risk your company’s financial future in this climate of financial uncertainty? If you don’t act now, you could be in danger of financial ruin and the loss of your company.

Online Affairs Investigation

When it comes to the internet, everything a person wants could be just a few clicks away and if they know where to look, it can be reached… including an affair.
For millions of people, the appeal of an internet affair is the fact that, unlike real life where your looks, words and actions are invariable, it allows people to be whoever they want to be.
This makes people far more comfortable to share aspects of their personality that would otherwise go hidden. From instant messages and emails to message boards and chat rooms, the opportunities to cheat provided by the internet makes it very attractive to those inclined to do so..