Our security solutions bring immense value to your company and help you achieve a safer workforce, facility, and community. As an added benefit, we focus on delivering security solutions that are not only in total compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, but are designed to withstand time and prove to be a reliable and longterm solution.
For your peace of mind and the wellbeing of your company, we offer fully customizable and individualized security solutions that are entirely tailored to your company’s needs and goals. We strongly believe that no two companies are exactly alike, which is why our team of specialists stay up to date on the latest and greatest security technology and trends in order to deliver a solution that fits your company perfectly.

Providing Security Services to federal, state and local entities and law enforcement agencies

Smart Patrol

Our Smart Patrol system provides technologically advanced protection for multiple sites. We strategically install wireless motion sensors for optimal security. Detected motion is reported instantly, resulting in the ability to take faster action against potential criminals.At Supra Security, we are committed to providing the highest level of security for your company. With our unique and diverse services, you can rest assured knowing that we are experts in the field of security. We specialize in customizing security solutions that deliver cost-effective and long term results.

IT Resources

Our fully trained Integration Technicians are available to assist with your information technology needs.
From server room design to remote monitoring solutions, you can count on our team to keep your company running smoothly.
We understand that finding the right security solution can be difficult, which is why we offer consultations.
We can        help ensure          that your company’s new security system      is     compliant with all laws and regulations and that     it    fits     all of     your        company’s guidelines       and     needs.

Technology Solutions

We believe the only real value of a communications solution to the customer is in its ability to improve the overall performance of the organization. The ability to communicate effectively is what separates the best organizations from the rest of the pack. Organizations that have quality communication with clients, suppliers, and internal customers will achieve a profound competitive advantage. Supra’s Complete program ensures that the technology of today can be renewed, or replaced and that you may be able to take advantage of emerging technologies as they become available.