CCTV Solution

CCTV Solution

CCTV Solution

Supra Security provides strong and reliable IP solution, a wide spectrum of product technologies to meet the security needs of governmental, industrial, retail, and service provider companies nationwide. Our experience in IP, analog and fiber optics reinforces our reputation for flexibility with both integrator and end users. The foundation of our solutions and technology is coexistence: IP and analog systems working together side-by-side.

We give attention to every detail from installation to support

High Resolution Cameras

IP Security Cameras with High     Resolution     that deliver Excellent Video Quality. Cameras in this category use High Resolution Image Sensors.

Remote surveillance

Remote video monitoring, fixed video systems, temporary surveillance units, and much more. We offer the tools and services to help you manage, protect your assets & give you peace of mind.

Scalability / Flexibility

The video is recorded and stored to a Windows based server, So storage is expandable to the size and scope of the installation