Guard track system

Guard track system

New Guard track SYSTEM

We use a integrated guard management system for monitoring, reporting and managing your security operations. Guards can do patrol tours, report incidents and activities in real time. Managers and clients can monitor, review, and respond instantly from their browsers or smart-phone. Our system improves efficiency, accountability and profitability.

Our software service will give you the satisfaction of knowing your on the cutting edge of our industry, many clients are tired of the old ways and are looking to the future to solve their old problems with new technology.

  • Powerful Tools to manage and control Security Operations from any location
  • Numerous specialized features that enable clients to save time and money, improve operational control and substantially reduce potential liabilities.
  • Compatibility with popular operating systems Android and iOS


The icon based design makes Guard Track more user-friendly security system


Guard track is an all inclusive program that does not charge per feature


You can tailor the system configuration to match the exact needs of each client

Think Green

Our track system is an ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTION and maintains all paperless records, eliminating time-consuming storage and retrieval of documents and reports, while protecting employees and the protected property from liability. Although you can print any of these reports at any time, we ask you to please consider our forests and environment before printing.

Reports Feature


Allows an officer to create, save and update multiple reports at the same time, it can also be used by officers that patrol multiple properties during one shift. The Activity Report feature was also designed for speed of use and simplicity.


Keep track of anything that may happen at a particular property and where maybe an insurance company, corporate office, management company or police department could need specific information about what happened


It allows an officer to keep track of multiple properties they have in a patrol route, and then submitting them at the end of their shift to the property management instantly. Any comments or duties performed throughout their shift can be detailed reported.

CheckPoint Tour System

Get real-time updates for every checkpoint scanned on your guard tours – Rugged and accurate RFID tokens are simple to install and inexpensive – Store reports and messages to checkpoints.

Incident Reports

Create customizable and searchable activity and incident reports – Robust data collection fields such as pictures and signatures – Download or email reports instantly from the dashboard.

GPS Tracking

View real-time GPS locations of your entire remote workforce – Searchable history of reports and shifts by GPS locations – Watch your entire operation traveling between locations.

Watch Mode

Capture videos of every intervention made by your guards – Additional accountability of video recording will deter violent acts – Use real-life video to create situational training tools.

Customizable Platform

We provides a suite of tools to support your unique operation – Create the permissions and roles required for your staff – Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interfaces.

Real-Time Alerts

Get instant updates via your dashboard, SMS, or email – Send alerts in real-time to checkpoints and your remote staff – Get notified when a staffer has not logged activities.

Guard Scheduling

Create unique weekly schedules or use recurrent schedule templates – simple drag and drop interface for creating and assigning shifts – with a single click email schedules to employees and clients.


Track clock-in and clock-out in real-time – specify the authorized locations where staff is permitted to clock-in – easily edit hours worked, approve shifts, and track labor hours in you budget.

Post Order Management

Keep your staff informed about unique policies and protocols at each location they serve – Post orders are accessible on mobile devices and relevant to the guard’s location.